Delegate Cancellations

Delegates have the right to cancel their place on an event at any time. Once bookings are confirmed it is the delegate’s responsibility to notify the relevant NHS England (NHSE) local office of cancellation/non-attendance as soon as possible. Cancellation charges may apply (see below).

Cancellation requests:

Cancellation requests can be submitted via ‘My Bookings’ up until 14 days before an event start date. Cancellations beyond the 14-day point must be submitted via email or telephone. Full contact details are available on the Contact Us page.

Transfer requests:

Delegates must contact the local office administering the event they have been confirmed to attend, to discuss the possibility of transferring to a different event, before requesting any cancellations. Full contact details are available on the Contact Us page. Cancellation charges may still apply.

Substitution of delegates:

Substitution of delegates is only permitted following consultation with the relevant local office. Please contact the relevant local office to discuss. Full contact details are available on the Contact Us page.

Cancellation charges:

To demonstrate good value for money, NHSE may need to charge a delegate if a cancellation is likely to have an impact on the overall cost of the event. Therefore, delegates are advised to provide as much notice as possible when cancelling a place on an event, to avoid incurring any charges.

Delegates should be aware of the following:

Notice Fee-paying delegates Non-fee-paying delegates
42 days’ notice or more Full refund/transfer to a different event No charge or notification
0-41 days’ notice No refund/transfer to a different event* ‘Cost per delegate’ may be charged and/or line manager/educator/trust may be notified*

*Exceptional circumstances:
In exceptional circumstances the event fee may be refunded/transferred to another event or cancellation charges may be waived. Line managers/educators/trusts may still be notified of non-attendance. Delegates must contact the local office administering the event to discuss their individual circumstances. Full contact details are available on the Contact Us page.

Please note - delegates are advised to ensure they have secured time away from work or training before booking a place on an event where a cancellation charge applies. Failure to secure time away from work or training is not considered an exceptional circumstance. Therefore, cancellation charges will still apply. Postgraduate doctors in training must ensure that their time away from training is agreed as part of their region’s study leave process.

Travel and other expenses:

Delegates will not be reimbursed for any travel or accommodation expenses that they incur whilst expecting to attend an event if they subsequently cancel their booking or do not attend.

NHSE or NHS Trust Postgraduate Centre Cancellations


Bookings will be cancelled if delegates are ineligible to attend (e.g. wrong grade or failure to meet event requirements before a given deadline). Under these circumstances, if any delegates have paid an event fee, they will be issued a full refund.


Occasionally, events must be cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, such as speaker/facilitator illness or major travel disruptions (e.g. rail or tube strikes). In such cases, delegates will be given the opportunity to transfer their booking to an alternative event or (if applicable) issued a full refund.

Travel and other expenses:

NHSE does not reimburse delegates for any time booked away from work/training or travel/accommodation related expenses if an administrator cancels a booking due to the delegate’s ineligibility to attend.

In cases where NHSE or an NHS Trust Postgraduate Centre must cancel an event at short notice, delegates may be reimbursed for travel/accommodation expenses they have already incurred, and only if the delegate is unable to seek reimbursement via other means (e.g. credit card or travel/accommodation provider).